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The process of roasting the coffee beans is roasting the bean according to its color depending on the temperature in a spesific time period. Nazar coffee roasters are PLC-controlled with their new models and are in conformity with every desired and needed environment.


These machines that are used to grind the coffees which are in bean state can grind 16 kg turkish coffee in an hour. And also with these grinders, you can grind pepper, pimento, cumin, feed and salt apart from coffee. You can initiate the grinding process by adjusting it according to the piece size of the beans.


Silo is manufactured for the purpose of displaying the grinded and granular products in cafes, supermarkets and coffee shops. It protects the freshness of all products in it without letting humidity, air and heat in.

The coffee roasters GR15 ve GR1+ with their new design have been tested. The best roasters for the best coffee!

We have taken our place at the World Of Coffee Budapest 2017 fair. We thank very much to all our visitors and partners who had shown attention and interest to our company in this fair in which we had exhibited our new coffee roasters.

Our authorized seller Green To B Coffee Roasters has been granted an award with 3 bronze medals in Australia International Coffee Awards 2017.


Nazar Kahve has combined 15 years experience with an innovative and researcher thought and has started providing service in the sector as a modern, principled producer. As with all screws of our high-quality coffee roasters and coffee grinders, we act with the same responsibility at every point in our after-sales service.

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We have blended the unique feeling of traditional coffee roasting continuing over many centuries with technology and ensured that you create awesome tastes with a single movement of your finger.

We are very much enjoying carrying our work which we do with love far away in continents and sharing our passion with millions.  

We have presented our coffee machines in the most useful and most aesthetic way in order that you obtain the most delicious state of coffee. We have proved ourselves with the approval certificates whole world recognizes.

As Nazar Kahve, we are working every day for making millions of coffee addicts happy.